Oxford Translation 牛津翻譯社(香港)


「達意傳神」乃翻譯之精髓。領悟作用於傳神,而準確的理解 方能達意。顧其意而傳其神,實為翻譯之最高境界。牛津翻譯社 (香港)以此尺度,作為其專業之本,為各行各業提供高質素的 翻譯服務。

牛津翻譯社(香港)擁有眾多出類拔萃的翻譯人才。他們博學 多識,既有深厚的中文知識,又有對西學原作的全面理解與透澈領 悟,對所涉及的外語語言之運用,更能如母語般自如揮灑,正是這 樣的學術水準和專業技巧,奠定了牛津翻譯社(香港)成功基石。

牛津翻譯社(香港)為一間國際性翻譯機構。除本港的資深 翻譯外,還有來自世界各地的教授、學者以及法律界、金融界等 各行各業的專家,他們在各自的學術領域卓有建樹,在翻譯界更 是譯著甚豐。他們的支持,使牛津翻譯社(香港)成為翻譯社中 之翹楚。


The best translation is that which faithfully expresses the true meaning of the original. Oxford Translation (HK) offers a service from professionals who are dedicated to achieving the best rendering of the original text into the target language using currently accepted idiom and figures of speech.

The translators of OT(HK) have a profound knowledge of both Chinese and Western cultures and are fluent in all the major and many of the less commonly used languages of the world. The success of OT(HK) is based on its translators' academic and professional attainments.

OT(HK) is an international organization. The senior translators are drawn from among outstanding professors and scholars from around the world and experts in financial, legal and other fields. Our staff are well established in their own fields and have published their own works and/or that of others in translation.